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Electric shutter door purchase principle

Electric shutter door purchase principle:

The rolling shutter door (also known as the rolling shutter) which is common in life is constructed by connecting the door panel as a multi-joint movable module in series, running in the fixed rails on both sides, and pulling the roller blind through the motor driving reel above the door body. Rolling shutters are widely used in shops, banks, hospitals, garages, dock warehouses, factory buildings and other places.

electric shutter door

The principle of purchasing electric roller shutters is probably the following four points:

1. Selection of profiles for electric rolling shutters

The existing rolling shutter profiles on the market are roughly divided into aluminum and aluminum-magnesium alloys. For the overall quality requirements of the rolling shutters, the rolling shutters of aluminum-magnesium alloys can be selected, which has great advantages in toughness. If the overall requirements are not high, you can choose recycled aluminum profiles, the price will be lower.

2, the choice of pulleys for electric rolling doors

The pulley of the electric rolling door is composed of two sets of upper and lower parts. The structure of the high-quality upper pulley is complicated, and two pulleys are fixed inside the bearing and the aluminum part. The high-quality electric rolling door must have a self-weight device in the sliding module, and there is not much vibration and abnormal noise when running the sliding.

3, electric shutter door track selection

Whether the structural design of the ground rail is reasonable or not directly has a great impact on the performance and service life of the product. As an ordinary consumer, when purchasing, the height of the cabinet should not exceed 5mm, mainly considering the safety of children and the elderly. problem. Colleagues choose the best way to clean the sanitary rails.

4, the choice of the origin of electric roller blinds

The origin of the market is domestic and domestic OEM, and imported from abroad. The raw materials of domestically produced doors are basically assembled in domestic production. The price is naturally cheap, about 480 yuan / square. The domestic OEM benefits from the brand premium, the price will be much higher than the domestic ones, played 600 yuan / Starting at the square, imported is more expensive. Here, it needs to be explained, not the low price of domestic production, the quality is not good. Now, as long as it is a regular manufacturer, the quality is not lost to foreign countries. Even if the price is the same, the domestically produced rolling door should be given the quality of foreign countries. Excellent, so when choosing the place of production, you can choose according to your own economic ability.

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